Join the holcim-HIA Onsite Safety Conversation


Holcim, together with the HIA, is launching a new initiative to help improve onsite safety. The goal is to promote safe onsite work practices that will enable people to go home safely by encouraging all parties to have focused safety conversations.



  • Am I fully prepared to work safely on this site?
  • Is the site safe for all parties?
  • Is our equipment properly maintained and safe?
  • Have I taken all the necessary steps to control risks?
  • Have the site conditions changed due to weather and other activities?


When working on a building site, check that you and/or your team…

Have a safe and legal entry point to site
Can see properly with appropriate lighting
Are not working on steep slopes or soft ground
Have clear access to the site without obstacles such as trees or powerlines
Put out signage and barricades to keep pedestrians away
Check for underground services such as tanks or sewer pipes
Are aware of any fall hazards such as open pits or trenches
Remove or minimize sharp protrusions (reo bar, star pickets etc)



  • To representatives of all parties working on site about safety
  • About any potential hazards or risks you have seen
  • Over potential solutions to minimize or eliminate risk
  • Through anything that you think doesn’t look or feel right


When pouring concrete on site…

Make sure you’re always wearing the appropriate PPE
Don’t add any additional chutes to the truck
If you have an extended chute, you’ll need a spotter to assist the driver
Anyone who’s not a Holcim employee must never climb on the agitator
The customer must provide a list of any hazardous substances that drivers or staff may encounter onsite, as well as any special site requirements



  • If something does not feel safe STOP; Think, Talk before you Act
  • Make safe choices and develop a safe site program to follow
  • Speak up – remember, the standard we walk past is the standard we accept


Don’t delay. Join the Holcim-HIA onsite safety conversation

According to the HIA and Safe Work Australia, injury rates on building sites have declined over the past few years; so, let’s keep the momentum going.

We hope this information has been helpful in getting you to think about your current safety practices and procedures and perhaps even talk it over with others on site.

If we can urge you to think about onsite safety, it’s three simple words.

Think. Talk. Act.

The job and costs are important but at the end of the day, lives are irreplaceable.
So, if it doesn’t feel or look right, think it through, talk it over, and act on it.

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